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My Smile Imagined

Omaha cosmetic dentistry trial smile makeover - "Test drive" your new smile today!

About Us

Dr. Karry Whitten, a leading Omaha dentist, offers excellence in cosmetic dentistry, teeth straightening, Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse and Sleep Apnea treatments providing you with the best care from general dentistry, regular teeth cleaning to complete restorative cosmetic dentistry. Our team provides you and your family with safe and convenient dental services and exceptional care.

Thad Hegwood, our in-office dental lab ceramist has over twelve years of experience and eight years of in-office experience working side by side with the dental team. The integral professional relationship and presence Thad has with the dental team allows him to meet with patients directly and gather information about the appearance of their teeth and what they desire their new smile to look like.

How the "test drive" works

     Changing lives one smile at a time.  Our My Smile Imagined "test drive" allows people to actually see and feel a new smile before committing to treatment.  We can do this by placing a customized temporary smile over the existing teeth.  It is fast and painless and usually lasts from one to three days. 
     When a potential patient has a chance to try out, or "test drive" a smile makeover, they are able to see and feel their smile very close to what final results would be like.  During the test drive, patients have an opportunity to express their opinions or concerns along the way by providing us with feedback on size, shape, brightness, and functionality before getting any work done. 
     When people know what to expect and feel comfortable with the process it makes a big difference in making the decision to trust our dental team with your new smile.  We want our patients to feel completely at ease with the process all while experiencing open communication and predictable results.  This all starts with the My Smile Imagined "test drive".